Volunteers are always welcome and are a great resource at Children Cancer Hospital. The CCH V Team is expanding every day. We have more than 500 volunteers registered at CCH, a large number of these are students from different schools, colleges and universities. They work in liaison with our social service and resource generation department.

  1. Spending time with patients
  2. Helping various departments of CCH
  3. Organizing fund raising events for CCH.
Yakub Ali Nur is a ten year boy who is a self taught artist. His work is vibrant, unique and pure. I felt the purity of his work had the potential to make a difference and deserved to be appreciated, and this led me to start the line “Yakub”. Yakub’s drawings and paintings have been developed into a line of stationary which is being sold and all proceeds go to children’s Cancer Foundation. Each item has a CCF logo at the back with the message: “Cancer is curable”. These items are unlike a brochure that is once read and discarded, but a bookmark or a keychain is kept and is a constant reminder of CCF and its cause. Yakub has sold more than a thousand items and it may not have brought a large sum of money but has created awareness and support for CCF and its cause. The main aim of this project is to spread the message of CCF and raise funds. His work has been used for other charity organizations and in the future I would like to include other children’s art work as well under the line of “Yakub”.

Anybody interested can contact our resource and marketing department.

You may also download “Volunteer” form and send it back to email address

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