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Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Patient Stories | 223 comments

He doesn’t wink literally while his favorite cartoon is being played at the LCDs in his ward. We tried to bring out a smile from him by making funky faces and funny sounds but he was in no mood to move his eyes away from the LCD screen. Shahidullah is a 3 year kid, who is having the cancer treatment at the Children Cancer Hospital. His father, Kareem is a labor at a cement factory. Kareem had 3 kids but unfortunately lost one of his sons at a very young age. That loss has made Kareem more worried for Shahidullah. He believes that his son...

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Posted by on May 31, 2012 in Patient Stories | 38 comments

The urdu word “Farishta” means Angel. We at CCH had the opportunity to treat an angel in face of a 6 year old girl from Afghanistan named Farishta. Farishta belongs to a village near the Mazar Sharif City. Her father works in Iran while the other members of family do the farming on a small piece of land near their house to make the money for the family. She came to Pakistan with her mother and grandfather in early 2012. Prior to that, they went through to many hospitals in Kabul to find out the reasons for Farishta’s weakness and...

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Muzammil, only 6 years old was in 1st grade at the school when he had to counter with continuous fever. He along with his 4 siblings lives in Quetta. His father, Muhammad Ali is a labor at a coal mine near Quetta. Muzammal’s blood tests were taken in Quetta where he was diagnosed with Cancer. He was brought to CCH in April 2012. Muzzamil is here with her mother Fatima while his father is away earning a living for the family. Fatima believes that if they had not been introduced to CCH then they certainly couldn’t have got the treatment for...

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Pakistan is one of those unfortunate countries of the world where health facilities are not available easily, specially in the rural areas. Muzaffar was in first grade at school when he had to face a common childhood disease in Chickenpox. He lives in a small town named Mehar near the Larkana district in Sindh Province. His father Ali Akbar is a government teacher in a primary School. Ali Akbar is a man with limited financial resources. For feeding his 5 kids, his daily wages from school income are quite inadequate. He however did all he can...

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In the wake of this adorable smile one can find a Rehmatullah’s fighting spirit. At the time he was diagnosed with blood cancer, he was only 2. A plucky toddler, born in a deprived family. His father works as a laborer and earns a meager amount. Rehmat’s siblings help his parents make the ends meet by selling causal goods. Rehmatullah’s mother describes past few years as a nightmare. Once the initial shock wore off, they set out to find the best possible care for their dying child within their reach. After an exhausting journey they...

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Afghanistan is often seen as a battle field at the world scene. There is one family from Mazar Sharif City in Central Afghanistan which however has another battle field to conquer. Syed Ahsan Ullah was just 4 when he faced severe mouth infection and continuous fever. His father Syed Asif is a Quran Teacher in a Masjid in Mazar Sharif. His worries were multiplied when the local doctors asked him to take his son to either India or Pakistan for proper treatment. One of his friends in Karachi advised him to get the kid admitted in CCH. As Asif...

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Rameez is a 16 year boy who belongs to Moosa Colony, Karachi. He used to work in a local factory to support his family before he got severe illness and later was diagnosed with blood cancer in Nov, 2011. He got admitted in CCH for 5 days and now comes regularly for the Day care checkups along with his elder brother. They say that CCF is an integeral part of the prayers and they want it to prosper. The hope that relflects from Rameez’s eyes just illustrates how much CCF means to him.

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Patient Stories-Fida Hussain

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Cricket is the heartbeat of Pakistani nation and Shahid Afridi is probably the most popular Cricketer of current times. Among the millions of fans of Afridi, there is a 12 year kid of Nawabshah, Fida Hussain. Fida was in 7th grade when he was diagnosed with cancer and brought to Karachi at CCH, he was admitted in hospital for 10 days and now lives in a rented house in Karachi so that he can be taken for regular day care checkups. Her mother lives with him while his father works as a labour in Nawabshah. With the limited financial resources,...

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Saad Barkat

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Saad Barkat s/o Barkat Ali is a 4 year kid diagnosed with lymphoma. He is at CCH since 26th December 2011, he belongs to the Coastal City of Balochistan, Gawadar where his father works as a fisherman. Barkat is strong in his fight against Cancer and desires to send Saad to School after his treatment.

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Patient Stories-Abeer

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Abeer s/o Junaid Ahmed is a 3 year old Kid from Korangi, Karachi. His father works in a Pharmaceutical company as an Electrician. He was brought to CCH on 13th januray and is getting treatment for ALL. His father is impressed with the facilities present at CCH and dreams of making Abeer a doctor in...

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