The Journey

CCF was constituted in December 1999 and in February 2000 started a drug bank and used the same premises for account management. In June of same year, CCF day care clinic and chemotherapy services were initiated. In the year 2000, PKR 1 million were collected and spent on treating 50 patients.

First Phase

In (2001-2002) we operated from a rented 600 sq. yard bungalow. The facilities included 2 clinics, a day care, 6 in-patient bed, pharmacy, procedure room and administrative offices.

Second Phase

In (2003-2007) of expansion CCF rented the first floor of a private hospital. The new facility offered 2 out-patient clinics, 14 in-patient beds, 8 day care beds and other support services.

Third Phase

In (2008-2010) the expansion of CCF resulted in 23 in-patient beds, 10 day care beds, 3 out-patient clinics, palliative care services, seminar room and library.

Fourth Phase

In 2011, Children Cancer Hospital provided its services with:

  • 26 In-patient Bed
  • 2 Bed ICU
  • 10 Day Care Bed
  • 3 Out-patient Clinics
  • Palliative Care Services
  • Infection Control Department
  • Nursing Education Department
  • Social Services Department
  • Pharmacy Services with unit for
  • IVPG, TPN, chemo & compounding
  • Laboratory Services
  • Medical Record Department
  • Seminar Room & Library
  • Nutrition & Food Services
  • IT Department

In 2012, we have planned to improve the existing services.The process of execution has been started already:

  • We started Clinical Psychology Services not only for our patients but also for the structured counseling of their parents.
  • We have also started the spiritual learning classes by preparing a basic learning module for our patients by a trained teacher.
  • We now have a State of the Art ICU having five beds inclusive of the isolation rooms.
  • We also have a new and improved daycare facility at CCH.
  • We have planned to have structured infrastructure of following services:
    1. Research Department
    2. Learning Resource Center
    3. New Seminar Hall
    4. V-Team Office
    5. Nursing Education Office