Bay View Academy Volunteers

The young fighters who fight cancer every day and night are always in need of some moral support from the different parts of society. Thankfully, we at Childrens Cancer Hospital have a lot of enthusiastic volunteers who support our cause. One of our important supporters is the Bay View Academy. The students and teachers from Bay View Academy had a community awareness program in which they spent time with the childhood cancer patients at CCH. At the conclusion of this program, a ceremony was held at the Bay View academy. The attendees included Dr. Shamvil Ashraf( CEO Children Cancer Hospital), Mrs. Reshma Tabani( Head of V-team CCH), the Principal of BVA Mr. Shahpur and the volunteers who were the part of this program. Dr. Shamvil and Mr. Shahpur had words of encouragement and praise for the students. Students also gave a presentation on the time they spent at CCH, this presentation had the glimpses of the 8 weeks they spent at CCH. The views expressed by volunteers reflect the level of attachment they achieved with CCH. Some of those views are given below:

  • Visiting the Children’s Cancer Hospital as part of the Community Awareness Program has been an enjoyable experience, and we believe that it has taught all of us to be grateful for what we have, and not take small things for granted.
  • Spending two hours with children is much like us in every aspect despite their fatal diseases. It is like a magical experience on its own. Seeing them laugh and smile in such a hopeless situation makes us feel strong and grateful for being blessed with the lives God has given us.
  • The hospital visit was a good experience and it made me realize that we should value our health and be thankful that we get to live a healthy, normal life.
  • Going to the Children’s Cancer Hospital was an enlightening experience for which we are very grateful. We were fortunate to be able to experience something which most children our age do not and to have met some truly brave children.

At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Shamvil distributed certificates among the volunteers.

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