Dolphin Show


The Dolphin Show has really been the biggest buzz this winters in Karachi. This show has provided great entertainment to this city. The management of the Dolphin show invited the kids of Children Cancer Hospital to enjoy the show.

For many children it was a dream come true, seeing live dolphins and sea lions. Sea lions and dolphin stars performed a dazzling array of flips; leaps and twists, while the high-energy performance of the dolphin show left the spectators speechless. The mammals, jumping out and splashing back into the water, was an incredibly beautiful sight.
With the concept to serve and provide the best facilities and entertainment for patrons, dolphin show is being held at specially-designed pool with cinema quality seating arrangements and the best view to the stage and the pool the museum was jam-packed, and the audience saw some superb performances from special performers whale, dolphin and sea lion. With loud whistles and clapping, children also applauded the two performers, who conducted the well-rehearsed show.