He doesn’t wink literally while his favorite cartoon is being played at the LCDs in his ward. We tried to bring out a smile from him by making funky faces and funny sounds but he was in no mood to move his eyes away from the LCD screen.

Shahidullah is a 3 year kid, who is having the cancer treatment at the Children Cancer Hospital. His father, Kareem is a labor at a cement factory. Kareem had 3 kids but unfortunately lost one of his sons at a very young age. That loss has made Kareem more worried for Shahidullah. He believes that his son is in safe hands at CCH but still whenever he remembers the time when he fainted just by hearing the news that his kid has cancer, he breaks into tears. Kareem brought Shahidullah to CCH after he had lost all the money and hope in pursuit of treatment for his son. Now, he is quite satisfied that the CCH staff takes very good care of his kid. He wishes that when Shahidullah grows up, he would serve the humanity by becoming a doctor. Our supporters have helped us in fulfilling many dreams. If you want to help a dream come true then Click here to know the ways to support us.