CCH started with one pediatric oncologist and two doctors and now we have 3 pediatric oncologists and 12 doctors. We also have many visiting consultants of various specialties. This passionate team of doctors with local and international exposure of pediatric oncology is providing leading edge, advanced personalized care to every child in a friendly environment with compassion and kindness.




Pediatric Oncologists

  • Dr. Muhammad Shamvil Ashraf
  • Dr. Syed Ahmer Hamid
  • Dr. Muhammad Rafie Raza

Pediatricians and Associate Specialists

  • Dr. Asim Qidwai
  • Dr. Kishwer Jabeen
  • Dr. Faiza Rehman
  • Dr. Muhammad Rahil Khan

Pediatric Medical Team

  • Dr. Vikram
  • Dr. Imran
  • Dr. Nusrat Jahan
  • Dr. Syed Raheel Ali
  • Dr. Muhammad Rahil Khan
  • Dr. Muneeza Asif

Diagnostic Services

  • Dr.Mushtaq Alam (Haematologist)
  • Dr. Syed M. Shahnawaz Hyder (Radiologist)


  • Dr. Naheed Shaiq

Nursing Education

  • Mrs. Rehana Punjwani
  • Mrs. Arifa Mufti


  • Dr Mrs Erum Ghazi
  • Miss Sukaina

Referral Consultants

One of the unique features of CCH is total care of every child. Our philosophy is to provide the best available treatment to every child whether it is at CCH or needed from outside. The patients are referred to the leading experts of the most reputable hospitals in the city like Aga Khan, Liaquat National, Dr Ziauddin, Indus and Patel Hospital for the services like surgery, radiotherapy and diagnostics which currently do not exist at our hospital. Our Social Services Department takes care of all logistics and payment and patient does not have to take any burden.

S. No. Consultant Specialty Organization
1- Dr. Saba Jamal Hematologist & Pathologist Dr Ziauddin Hospital
2- Dr. Muhammad Anwar Radiologist Dr Ziauddin Hospital
3- Dr. Shabbir Hussain Pediatric Surgeon Liaquat National Hospital
4- Dr. Jawaid Malick Pediatric Surgeon Aga Khan Hospital
5- Dr. Idrees Adhi Ophthalmologist Civil Hospital Karachi
6- Dr. Misbah-ul-Aziz Ophthalmologist Hashmani Eye Hospital
7- Dr. Shabbir Hussain Pediatric Surgeon Liaquat National Hospital
8- Dr. Masood Umer Orthopedic Surgeon Aga Khan Hospital
9- Dr. Saulat Fatimi Cardiothoracic Surgeon Aga Khan Hospital
10- Dr. Mehmood-ul-Haq Cardiothoracic Surgeon Dr Ziauddin Hospital
11- Dr. Mazhar Nizam Plastic Surgeon Patel Hospital
12- Syed Akber Abbas ENT Surgeon Patel Hospital
13- Dr. Muhammad Imran Neurosurgeon Patel Hospital
14- Dr. Abdul Malik Neuro Physician CCH/Patel Hospital
15- Dr. Zaigham Abbas Gastroenterologist SIUT
16- Dr. Sajid Sultan Pediatric Urologist SIUT
17- Dr. Zafar Zaidi Pediatric Urologist INDUS HOSPITAL
18- Dr. Lubna Samad Pediatric Surgeon INDUS HOSPITAL
19- Dr. Abdal Liver Surgeon SIUT